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Empowering Sports Organizations with Data-Driven Strategies for generating new revenues.

About us

At the cross-roads of sports, technology, and information, C'mon Sports was created initially to empower sports organizations by using underutilized and mismanaged data. From a profound passion for sports and an unwavering commitment to innovation, and with data as our DNA, our team is dedicated to impacting the development of sports for the better.

our mission

To help sport organization creating new revenues by leveraging their fan database to enhance their development.

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What we do

We specialize in leading data-driven strategies for clubs, sports organizations, athletes & brands.

Leveraging untapped and overlooked sports data, we design strategies for peak performance and superior outcomes. Using cutting-edge data analysis tools and efficient project management methodologies, our services are crafted for those passionate about sports.

Rooted in values of teamwork, integrity, and positivity, we're committed to unlocking the true potential of sports analytics. By focusing on results-driven data strategies, we position ourselves as industry leaders, ensuring our clients consistently achieve outstanding results in the sports industry.


The playbook


Audit & Analysis

Comprehensive assessment of your digital and business ecosystem for enhanced sport business analytics.


Fan Engagement

Utilizing sports analytics and digital insights to enhance audience connections and interactions.


Business Engagement

Utilizing data-focused strategies to fortify business relationships and enhance collaborative outcomes.


Ticketing & Sales

Channeling data insights to increase ticket sales and unlock the full potential of asset monetization.


Featured case studies

Servette Football Club

Development of a data management strategies to improve their season ticket sales, ticketing sales and monetization of their digital assets.

Union Neuchâtel Basketball Club

Digitalization of a sport organization with the implementation of CRM, and the development of data sport marketing strategies to increase ticketing revenues.

Hockey Club La Chaux-de-Fonds

Integration of an advanced CRM with fan scoring capabilities, and crafting innovative data-driven sports marketing strategies for ticketing revenues.

Genève-Servette Hockey Club

During the 2023-2024 off-season, we partnered with the club in creating a large-scale multi-channel season ticket campaign lasting over 3 months. It proved to be a resounding success.


Creation of a content management strategy with the creation of a serie to simplify the content of experts from UEFA.

« It’s not just about data, but also about the story it tells »


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